When there is no electricity or when your AC is broken down. You tend to go out and sometimes you would stay inside your car to feel good. It is very lucky for you if you can find a good hvac Fort Mill contractor to work for your home HVAC and make them fine again. But it would be very unlucky for you if both your home and car’s air conditioning unit are not working at the same time. It would make you feel that no matter how hard you try to cool yourself it would be very hard to find a way. But you don’t have a choice now because you are outside of the house and continue your driving activity and enjoy the day. Here are some few tips to make yourself fine even without using the Ac of your car.  

  1. You can drink some cold water or beverages to make yourself better while driving your car. It helps you to feel better even the temperature is not so cool. Making yourself hydrated will avoid you from being thirsty due to the high weather temperature. You can keep your drinks cold by using some container that is heat and cold resistant.  
  1. Make yourself fine and better by wearing some thin and cotton made of clothes. Don’t wear jackets or sweaters as it would add to the hotness that you feel. It is very good as well to prepare three to five extra clothes as when you feel sweaty you need to change your clothes immediately to avoid yourself getting colds and cough. Avoid wearing too fit clothes for both men and woman.  
  1. You can get some ice packs and put inside the car. It will help to generate cold weather condition inside your car. It would be better if you have some ice cubes and put it a container where it can’t melt easily.  
  1. You can place a wet towel or a piece of cloth to the air vent of the car. It will help to feel you a bit better as the cold air will flow directly to your face.  
  1. You need to open the window of your car as well so that fresh air can get inside of your vehicle.  
  1. Park your car to a place that the sun won’t hit your car directly.  
  1. If you want to save the fuel of your car from turning on your AC. Then, you need to drive or go to your destination as early as possible when the sun is not shining so bright. It will avoid the reflection of the sun from giving so much heat.  
  1. Avoid being stuck in a traffic jam as it would make the situation worst. This is happening during the rush hour or when there is a peak season time in your area.  
  1. You can drive as well to those routes which is not very crowded and you can see some trees and plants to give you fresher air.