Acupuncture can be a very effective treatment for anxiety and depression. A lot of people nowadays suffer from depression. As a matter of fact, people who need to know their choices are looking for alternatives to anti-depressant drugs. Some professional acupuncturists are actually interested in staying updated on recent research studies and making sure that they can provide their clients with the most recent information with regard to non-prescription treatment alternatives.  


Furthermore, there are some great new studies displaying how the acupuncture can treat stress, anxiety as well as depression. Today, there are already clear biological interventions explaining the clinical evidences most have witnessed. 

Now, there are a lot of research studies focusing on the evidences of acupuncture use and outcomes, and on how these acupuncture procedures treat disorders like anxiety and depression. One research study recruited almost 700 individuals with moderate to worst disorders. 70 percent of the clients had been under anti-depressant medications and resumed on them all throughout the case. In addition to that, the case finished with both counseling and acupuncture had a great positive effect on disorders like depression, decreasing the scale of depression from its average rate at the beginning of the case study. The benefits lasted up to 3 months after the acupuncture treatment had finished. 

How does this acupuncture treatment work? The professional and licensed acupuncturist inserts very fine and sterile needles into particular identified acupuncture sites on meridians that run throughout your body as well as correspond to particular body systems or organs.  

When there is traffic or blockage on the highway, the energy gets backed up. The qi flows freely when the meridians are open (no roadblocks).  

Western medicine has proven that acupuncture treatment releases endorphins and at the same time, activates natural pain relievers. And this acupuncture treatment has shown a lot of evidences that certainly affects other biological functions, too. Chinese medication recognizes acupuncture as an improved functioning by correcting imbalances or blockages in the human organs. 

One article in 2013 presented the outcomes of a series of tests using animals that showed how mice endured under certain conditions such as stress and then undergone acupuncture which significantly decreased the levels of blood hormones produced by their hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis (that controls reactions to stress as well as regulates processes such as sexuality, moods and emotions, digestion and immune system). Also, they measured the NPY levels, a peptide produced during an acute stress response.  

Some clients whose anxiety-induced rashes almost gone after two acupuncture sessions. In some instances, acupuncture also reduces stress and anxiety and improve depression. It is very essential to take note that most of the conditions need an initial treatment order of eight or more appointments. Once an obvious improvement is obtained, then you can move to a maintenance treatment schedule. 

Acupuncture obviously cannot always treat moderate to severe depression and you must consult the best acupuncture San Diego prior to reducing or going off any medication or treatment. However, the evidence is quite clear that acupuncture can improve stress, anxiety, and depression.